Charles De Gualle London

Over the summer Holidays we worked closely with Charles De Gualle School (across 3 sites) in London to supply and install a range of technologies including Epson, Interactive Projectors, Techconnect Speaker systems and Faceplates, SY Control panels with RS232C Cabling and Projection Boards. We also provided Network points and ceiling mounted Wifi units.

Epson Projector Installations.

The full installation consisted of 12 Epson interactive projectors being installed at South Kensington, Clapham and Fulham. Each installation consisted of the following:

  • Epson EB595WI Interactive Projectors.
  • SY Control panels with RS232C Cabling (Each panel was programed)
  • Techconnect 5/10 metre cable kits including HDMI, USB (repeaters), VGA, and Audio
  • 1200 X 2400 Magnetic Semi Matt enamel projection boards
  • Vision Speaker and TC3 amp bundles

Network Solutions

Main Site Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle de Londres
1 data point in each of the 5 rooms above ceiling height ready for WAP in position indicated on drawings
Provide and install a new 9u Ucoustics ultra low noise data cabinet (including ultra low noise fan unit and removable side doors and 5 or 6 way PDU).POFC Grd floor Victor Hugo as part of room refurbishment provide 2 double cat6 data as per drawing.  Cables run from 1st floor.
First Floor Victor Hugo a single high level data point for WAPS from cab on same floor (4 in total)
2nd Floor Victor Hugo  13 single data points as per drawing back to cab on same floor.
Vie Scolaire office  1 x high level for WAP and 5 double cat6 as per drawing. New patch panel required.
MUS1 3 double data.

Room 101 Moliere Building. New high level WAP form room 103.

Clapham Site.  1 double data for interactive white board

Fulham Site.  Rooms 30 and 31 2nd floor: 1 double data point in each room for interactive whiteboard.

New Vie Scolaire Office – Molière building, Ground floor – Add 2 double CAT6 network points and 2 double gang.

BCD (Primary school library) – Victor Hugo building – Ground floor Add 4 double CAT6 network points
Add 1 double gang nearby each double network points.

Fulham  2 new rooms

Add a double network point.

Add a high level CAT6 point for Wireless AP


SignalmanAV provided electrics for all of the AV installations. The electrics together with the SY panels and faceplates were neatly mounted in dado trunking installed next to the Enamel projections boards

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