Cardinal Newman School Hall AV Installation

Brief: To provide a new state of the art Hall AV solution that would meet the Head Teachers technology requirements and fit within the Trusts Budgetary requirements.

The Project: 

Cardinal Newman Catholic Primary School were having their hall increased in size by approximately 8m’s in length. Based on this, the Head Teacher wanted to improve the Hall AV solution to meet the following Remit:

  • Have a zonal based audio solution. The new hall has a door system centrally positioned so that the hall can be split into two sections and used as two separate classrooms. Each class would be able to operate their own individual audio requirements independently of the other, via one hall audio solution
  • Have two separate image options via two projectors
  • Have 3 AV connectivity area’s. Two for the independent areas of the hall and one in a side room, which would be used for school productions, thus hiding the Audio rack out of site.
  • Have ceiling/hanging MICs by the stage area for school productions. This would be utilised to maximise volume at the back end of the hall for parents and governors watching school productions.
  • Have a state of the art lighting rig with DMX wireless control system – also used for school productions

The Project was completed over 3 distinct periods of time

First Fix:

  • All Speaker, network and and image cabling was installed into the walls. This was done to make sure that no cabling would be visible thus no surface mounted cable management would be used

Second Fix

  • All AV connectivity, mounts, electric screen and speakers were installed and covered to protect them from Dust

Third and Final Fix:

  • Production Lighting, AV Hardware and the Audio rack was installed. Testing configuration and signoff was completed. Training was also provided for all the teachers.

A list of main Hardware


  • BenQ LU785 6000 Lumens Laser Projector
  • Sapphire 4m wide 16:10 electric screen
  • RA Projector Mounting Solution
  • Existing Hall projector for Zone 2 with new RA Mounting kit


  • Apart MASK8FL Speakers x 4
  • BiAMP – 2 zone pre-amp
  • Crown XLI 1500 Amplifier
  • Apart zonal Audio faceplates
  • Audio Technica 2 Zone wireless MIC System
  • Apart Ceiling Mic system x 2
  • Penn Elcom Audio Rack system


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