ICT Support

SignalmanAV know from many years experience within the IT industry that not everything works as expected straight off the shelf

We also know that all Educational establishments are different and require different strategic ICT approaches. At SignalmanAV We are able develop bespoke ICT solutions to fit your specific requirements putting your school in control.

Our specialist ICT Technical Support Team span multiple disciplines and are united by their shared enthusiasm for quality solutions. They have an excellent knowledge of ICT and innovation enabling us to deliver customised solutions to fit your schools requirements.

We are able to deliver a range of solutions which include:

With the right technology your school can have:

  • Switching and wireless infrastructure
  • Hardware installations
  • Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) tablet deployment
  • Multi-site Microsoft networks
  • Dual network or mesh network installation
  • Cross platform integration
  • Server and desktop virtualisation
  • Open source Remote Access
  • Microsoft Lync
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)

Our ICT Support Team will work with you to develop your ideas from inception to completion. We are also able to create a bespoke support agreement that will assist your school to maximise their ICT strategy. Whether Ad-hoc or a more complex strategy we can help your school achieve and maintain your ICT goals.

Sourcing the right hardware is essential for the smooth running of any school ICT network (and budget!) SignalmanAV has an extensive knowledge of school’s ICT hardware requirements, which puts us in a great position to provide your school with advice and recommendations for all your Schools ICT Hardware requirements.

We have established long-term relationships with leading manufacturers, giving us the product knowledge to deliver exactly what you need. Whether you’re a SignalmanAV supported school, or simply want to take advantage of our purchasing power and industry knowledge.


Our solutions are tailored to meet all of your schools requirements

Utility Rentals contracts and processes have been designed especially for the Education sector, with the sole aim of making it easier for school’s to acquire equipment.

It’s no secret, budgets are tight in the education sector. SignalmanAV understand the pressures school, academies, colleges and universities are under to keep classrooms up to date with the latest equipment, but the reality is, the capital budget available just doesn’t cover the ever increasing requirements of a school.

It isn’t uncommon for schools to plod on with old outdated, obsolete or even badly maintained equipment, potentially compromising the learning environment until budget becomes available.

In partnership with Utility Rentals, SignalmanAV offer a rental solution to schools, academies, colleges and universities that enables the School to always have access to the most up to date equipment by paying for that equipment as it used, rather than having to find the capital budget to pay for it upfront.

Our rental solution offers a number of key benefits:

Spread the cost of complete projects including install and warranty

Renting doesn’t just enable you to spread the cost of the AV equipment – you can spread the cost of the entire project including install, warranty, wall brackets and even cabling.

If budget isn’t available now, we can even defer payments for up to 12 months, enabling you to get the AV equipment you need now, without paying a penny.

Our leases have been designed specifically for the education sector and are all compliant education sector approved operating leases. They can be safely used by any sized establishment from an individual day nursery, to a multi campus university.

Offering incredibly flexible rental terms, our lease packages can be tailored towards your individual school. Whether you want to make payments annual, quarterly or even termly, we can structure a package that will work perfectly for you.