Montenaro Asset Management AV installation

Brief: To provide professional Boardroom level  AV technology that would improve their existing hardware, future proof their technology requirements, be low maintenance and most importantly be simple an uncomplicated for employees to use.

Staff from director level to fund managers and office management wanted a simple way of utilising the space for training, client meetings, sales conferencing, via both wired and wireless means, whilst fitting in with their existing IT Infrastructure.

The Project: An initial onsite survey and discussion with both the Network Manager and head of HR ascertained that the existing technology wasn’t meeting the company’s technology requirements. The projector wasn’t bright enough and fitted in the incorrect position. coupled with poor quality projector imagery due to bad cabling and positioning. The company also had various investments positioned around the room (paintings) that we needed to install around.

To meet the company’s requirements, we had to come up with a suitable projection solution that would provide a big enough image installed on the ceiling (without having a suitable fixing point). An added complication was that the only wall available to put the Projector screen had a painting on it worth around £500,000. So as you can imagine, precise installation expertise were required.

So, SignalmanAV designed the perfect solution meeting both the company’s technology requirements and installation headache (the installation side of the project really concerned the Network Manager):

  • Provide a modern bright projector solution fitted without fixing to the ceiling.
  • Up to date 2k/4k HDMI cabling with steel fascia to the school laptop to plug into
  • Move their Audio system with their AV cabling connections so everything is situated in one part of the room
  • Run new much more robust speaker cabling designed for low Impedance speakers.
  • Build a new Unistrut frame in the ceiling for the recessed projector screen. In many buildings around the city of London, drilling is not allowed. So a Unistrut frame was built utilising the Metal corrugated ceiling (above the tiles)

A list of the Equipment Used:

Euroscreen Tensioned Sesame ceiling recessed electric projection screen with ceiling closure Viewing Area 190cm x 119cm (16:10) 88″ diagonal. Flex White front projection surface with black side borders in hour glass shape 5cm black border below viewing area 30cm black border above the viewing area. White aluminium extruded case with integral trim flange.
Optoma WU416 16:10 Native resolution 1920 x 1200 4200 lumens.
Chief Suspended ceiling mounting solution CMS440 Z006S.
Euroscreen Radio Frequency Kit to control Connect electric – Diplomat electric and the Sesame projection screens. 2 part kit comprising RF Reciever and Transmitter Handset.
Genee Sync 2 Wireless Presentation solution.
Unistrut, fixings assembly, and stud rod (Frame built in ceiling for recessed screen)
Labour by experienced AV integrators

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