NHS Essex Hospital Interactive Panel Project

The Project
In consultation with Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust, SignalmanAV were awarded the contract to install a range of interactive technologies across the hospital. The screens were to be installed in strategic points for use by staff within all of the hospitals major departments.

The main focus of the project was bringing each of the hospitals major departments inline with their technology requirements so that a range of newly designed hospital software could be utilised by staff. This would include, patient flow software, The staff intranet and other software to enable a more cloud based strategy by the Trust.

The Solution
In Conjunction with the Trusts IT department SignalmanAV installed interactive technologies throughout the hospital in key departmental positions, which included such areas as MDT rooms, staff quarters and reception areas.

The installations involved a number of different activities which included

  • Partition wall re-enforcement
  • Network cabling
  • Carpentry work – building frames over dado trunking
  • Screen and PC installation
  • Portable trolley assembly
  • Testing and calibration

Equipment Used
47 x Different variations of Interactive panels including:

  • 65″ Interactive Panels with Built in Android
  • 55″ interactive panels with built in android
  • 32″ PCAP interactive panels

47 x Slim-line PC’s
42 x Heavy duty wall mounted carry cases for PC’s
5 x Portable trolley for 55″ interactive panels

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