Harlow School Hall AV Installation

Brief: To provide a replacement School Hall AV Solution that would fit within the Trusts Budgetary restraints, future proof their technology requirements, be low maintenance and most importantly be simple an uncomplicated for the school staff to use.

The Project: An initial onsite survey and discussion with both the Network Manager and Head of School ascertained that the existing School Hall AV solution wasn’t meeting the school’s technology requirements. The projector wasn’t bright enough and fitted in the incorrect position coupled with poor quality audio due to bad cabling and positioning. The school also had Asbestos in the ceiling within the school hall preventing a traditional ceiling mounted solution.

To meet the school’s requirements, we had to come up with a hall projection solution that would provide a big enough image without being installed on the ceiling. An added complication was that the only wall available had a high number of glass windows situated behind a fibre board (acting as a basic projector screen)

So, SignalmanAV designed the perfect solution meeting both the school’s technology requirements and installation headache (the installation side of the project really concerned the Network Manager):

  • Provide the Industries newest and most technologically advanced ultra-Short Throw Projector Solution currently on the market. The Epson EB700U 4000 ANSI lumens laser light source system. This projector provides the largest image of any UST projector current available (up to 130” diagonal)
  • Up to date 2k/4k HDMI cabling with steel fascia to the school laptop to plug into
  • Move their Audio system with their AV cabling connections so everything is situated in one part of the hall
  • Run new much more robust speaker cabling designed for low Impedance speakers.
  • Build a new wooden frame structure designed by our in-house carpenter to fit over existing batons between the windows for the projector installation. This was also painted to match the rest of the school hall.

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