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SMART Board® M600 Series

SMART Board® M600 series interactive whiteboard Intuitive design and dual-touch controls make it easy for educators to turn lessons into learning experiences.

Choose the projector that best suits your needs The ultra-short throw U100 provides clear, dynamic images with 3,600 lumens brightness. The U100 is HDready with dual HDMI and USB connectivity. It comes in two models to support both widescreen and standard interactive whiteboards. The budget-friendly V30 supports standard interactive whiteboards, providing a bright HD image with 3,000 lumens on a short boom.


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Product Description

Key Features

Dual touch capabilities
DViT® technology supports two simultaneous touches, making it easy for students to work together at the same time.

Freestyle interaction
Two students can collaborate without having to switch to a multiuser mode or work on specific areas of the surface.

Touch gestures
Flick, rotate and zoom using simple hand-gestures. A natural touch experience means students and teachers write, erase and perform mouse functions using a finger or pen.

Powered by SMART Learning Suite
SMART Learning Suite includes SMART Notebook®, SMART lab™, SMART response® 2 and SMART amp™. Together, they connect students, teachers and devices to turn lessons into enriching learning experiences.

Write over applications, websites and videos as legibly as on paper. Your notes become objects that you can move and manipulate. Intuitive, multiuser pen tray Quick access to ink color sections, on-screen keyboard and help functions make it easy for teachers to run lessons.

Durable surface
The low-gloss surface is optimized for projection, ensuring that content can be clearly seen from anywhere in the room. The surface is also easy to clean and is compatible with dry-erase markers.

Projector controls
The SMART Board® M600 series, with projector controls, is compatible with the SMART U100 projector and with Epson PowerLite® 530, 580 and 585W projectors for SMART. The projector control panel is integrated into the pen tray to easily control projector power, volume and input select.


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