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  • 2000_angled

    The SMART Board 2000 series is designed for classrooms that need more than just a basic display.

    Wireless screen-sharing and non-touch design make the 2000 series perfect for showing lessons and presentations from all sorts of devices. 4K Ultra HD resolution makes those same lessons and presentations look amazing.


  • 6000producthero

    The hub of today’s classroom

    The most popular SMART Board, the 6000 series is the all-in-one classroom solution. Tools are simple and intuitive. The interactive display comes with an embedded computer and world-class education software to help teachers deliver engaging and collaborative lessons.

    The 6000 series SMART Boards are available in 65” and 75” models.

    A new technology, exclusive to SMART Boards

    iQ technology makes the SMART Board the essential hub of the classroom. It connects lesson content, interactive displays, devices and pedagogically relevant software to create one cohesive experience. Instantly access SMART Learning Suite’s interactive lessons, game-based activities, and online co-creation, as well as features like wireless screen sharing, a built-in web browser and a digital whiteboard.
    There’s no need for wires and cables, nor manual software and firmware updates. Everything you need is in one place, and available at the touch of a finger.

    Simple and intuitive tools

    Fingers glide effortlessly using Silktouch™ technology, providing hours of comfortable, error-free use

    Pen ID™ enables writing in different colours at the same time to encourage collaboration

    Object awareness™ automatically differentiates between a finger, pen or palm on the board to let you touch, erase and edit with ease

    Responsive SMART ink™ guarantees writing legibility whether you use the pen or a finger


    • 8 simultaneous touchpoints on Windows® and Mac®.
    • 4K Ultra HD resolution offers crisp content clarity and readability.
    • Integration with tablets and phones, including Chromebooks.
    • Equip classrooms the best way you see fit thanks to Mini PC compatibility. Mounting points available.
    • Certified by ENERGY STAR® to save energy, lowering your total cost of ownership.
    • You can now access and deliver lessons shared from SMART Notebook directly to your SMART Board with iQ. There’s no need to connect a computer or USB, nor do you need to be on the same WiFi. It’s a simple,
      easier way to run your lesson.
  • 7000producthero

    Available Spring 2017

    The hub of today’s classroom, this all-in-one SMART Board brings devices, lesson content and software together without any unnecessary cables. It includes only the most advanced features to help teachers and students collaborate with ease.

    Designed for whole class, small group and individual learning, this is the pinnacle of the SMART Board experience.


  • SMART Board® 800 series interactive whiteboard Create a more collaborative and engaging classroom for your students with a SMART Board 800 series interactive whiteboard.

    Display all your lessons in BrillantColor with a SMART U100 projector Featuring DLP® BrilliantColorTM Technology, SMART’s ultrashort throw U100 projector provides clear, dynamic images with 3,600 lumens brightness. It is HD-ready with dual HDMI and USB connectivity and comes in two models to support both widescreen and standard interactive whiteboards. And with a long-lasting lamp life (up to 6,500 hours in economy mode) the U100 projector can reduce your classroom downtime and maintenance costs.

  • SMART Board® M600 series interactive whiteboard Intuitive design and dual-touch controls make it easy for educators to turn lessons into learning experiences.

    Choose the projector that best suits your needs The ultra-short throw U100 provides clear, dynamic images with 3,600 lumens brightness. The U100 is HDready with dual HDMI and USB connectivity. It comes in two models to support both widescreen and standard interactive whiteboards. The budget-friendly V30 supports standard interactive whiteboards, providing a bright HD image with 3,000 lumens on a short boom.


  • mxproducthero

    Hubs of interactivity

    Digital whiteboard. Chromium™ web browser. Easy screen sharing. SMART Board MX series has all the essentials educators need to bring the devices students love into any learning environment. Available in 65″, 75″ and 86″ sizes with 4K Ultra HD resolution.


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